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UK Private Investigator London

Here at Private Eye London we can perform traces and background checks for our clients sometimes with perhaps just a name and DOB/ age or last address.

Private Eye London can provide a unique solution to all your requirements from a UK based tracing and people search agency, we can offer a service second to none that you can trust and rely on for all your tracing and person search needs.

We are proud to say we can find and locate almost anybody, people tracing is best achieved by experienced investigators with access to the best data sources money and the public cannot buy.

We provide a truly full comprehensive private detective trace service to both the commercial trade and the general public.

With proven expertise in all matters of tracing in England and Europe including:

  • Debtor tracing
  • Locate missing persons
  • Find witnesses
  • Search for old school friends
  • Trace old partners, birth relatives
  • Search for absent members of the family

With the use of our up to date tracing and people finding databases we are able to trace individuals regardless of when they had moved.

We pride ourselves on a high success rate by adopting both manual and electronic searches in order to achieve a greater level of success.

Our People finder service is second to none and our contacts throughout the world allow us to help our clients gather the evidence they need on any subject anywhere.

We at UK private Investigator London can find the new forwarding address for the missing person/ debtor or  old friend in the quickest possible time, we are proud of our UK trace success rate (over 88% 2009) with over 62% completed within 48 hours of submission.

All people searches are carried out in accordance with UK law or for overseas instructions in total accordance with the local laws of the country being searched.

Our specialist tracing agents are able to trace people with unprecedented success.