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Neighbourhood Checks

What do we do?

We basically assist people when they are thinking of buying or renting a new home or that have bought the home and need the evidence to prosecute offenders.

In what way?

We understand that the most expensive purchase you will ever make will be when you purchase a property, with hundreds of thousands at stake you really need to be sure that this house is the one for you and possibly your siblings.

We make sure that every stone is unturned in finding out the truth surrounding your dream home.

We are a high end company in the UK that carry out vigorous checks on clients perspective properties and occupiers

We hear all the time on television and the radio of unruly thugs terrorising areas around the United Kingdom, but there is a way to prevent this - WE are the way, and have helped hundreds of people like yourselves who were in the same situation.

The old saying of “Better safe than sorry” applies in all its context when employing us to find out the answers surrounding the area of your choice.

Here are the facts

Buying a property for most of us is the largest financial expenditure we will ever make

in our lives

In the UK we spend approximately 4-5 years in one property before we move on

We spend on average 14 hours a day in our property (based on a working household) thats a massive 25550 hours over 5 years, imagine what this would be like living next to “The neighbour from hell” or being caught up in an after dark asbo war zone.

Just remember that unfortunately, the council can do very little if the complaint is against someone who owns the property.

So before you buy or rent GET IT CHECKED OUT

Are you having a problem in your neighbourhood?
Do you want evidence of your neighbours being unsociable at unreasonable hours?
Are you looking to move to a new area, but are just not sure what the neighbourhood is like?

We can arrange surveillance operations anywhere in the UK on behalf of our clients.

Surveillance is a great way of obtaining first hand information about a persons activities during the day or night, this of course can be used as evidence in court which is also crossed referenced to the detailed report/ statement of the events that take place during the observations.

We provide our clients with a tailor made service with varied requirements, we carry out discreet enquiries and extensive incomparable UK background checks on every property and there occupants in the vicinity

What would an average neighbourhood check consist of?

  • 1. Personal history checks on the neighbours of your choice or a whole street
  • 2. 5 hrs surveillance around the prospective property or area of your choice
  • 3. Time stamped video footage produced onto a DVD
  • 4. Detailed report
  • 5. Crime statistics and what sort of crimes were committed
  • 6. A detailed questioner completed by people in the area of the property
  • 7. Local amenities
  • 8. School statistics
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner